Mariupol, Azovstal — Nazi Propaganda, Western Propaganda and American Misinformation!

This contempt for Patrick Lancaster is so bizarre and unnecessary. You’re both on the same side and you’re both showing what is happening on the ground in the world’s deadliest active warzone. Patrick Lancaster is a brave man who films firefights, rescue operations, civilian victims of Nazi crimes and conducts excellent interviews with the people of Donetsk. He’s the reason why many westerners know what the people of Donbass were forced to undergo for 8 years. He films the shelling, the damage and the death so that we can know the truth. He’s not a fraud. If he were in this for personal gain, he would be filming Ukrainian/NATO propaganda in Lvov for a fat paycheck. Instead he risks his life to show us the other side of the story just like you do.

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